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Rinex, assuring investments.

Okan HANÇER , Director General - Licensed Appraiser | CMB/MRFV - Surveying Engineer


Okan HANÇER, who is Real Estate Licensed Appraiser having license of the Capital Markets Board and who has advanced degree on Real Estate Finance and Appraisal, started to business life as Survey Engineer in 2004 in a private company that renders service for Construction-Mapping. He started to work as a licensed appraiser in an appraisal company having license of the Capital Markets in 2006. And he has been continuing to carry out activities within Rinex Taşınmaz Değerleme Danışmanlık which was established in 2010. He fulfilled his duty in Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects – Chamber of Survey and Cadastre Engineers in Antalya Branch as Delegate of the General Assembly for 42nd period and Member of the Board for 10 and 11th period. Since he is the founder of the amber of Survey and Cadastre Engineers in Antalya Branch for 9-10 and 11th period, he has been fulfilling duty as the Chairman of Committee for Real Estate Appraisal.

Our Company titled, Rinex Real Estate Appraisal Company, was established in 2010, Antalya and started to engage in activities. It has been rendering service for appraisal within the frame of IAS (International Valuation Standards) and codes of conduct on meeting demands for appraisal of natural and legal persons with Banks, Financial Institutions, Governmental Bodies and Establishments.

As Company, our aim is to meet demands for appraisal report in parallel with principles of independency, honesty and reliability by using our background information that we have obtained over the years in appraisal sector.

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