Private individuals purchasing and selling real estate:

  • Not purchasing over market value
  • Not selling under market value
  • Formalizing property value by providing an independent appraisal report
  • Facilitating sales of the property by providing an independent appraisal report
  • Sharing of Real Estate that were obtained by inheritance
  • Examinations of legal and juridical status in the Directorates of Land Registry and Municipalities.

  • Companies:

  • In case of bankruptcy and seizure
  • Setting up or ending business / partnership
  • Sales of Company assets
  • Requirement for appraisal arising from increasing of company capital.
  • Measuring guaranty risk of the Companies with which it is worked via real estate warranty

  • Determining value of the real estate in divorce and inheritance cases
  • Determination of current value before cases
  • Determining value of the real estate in real estate cases at demanded date

Subjects on Investment:
  • Project development / new projects
  • Preparing feasibility reports
  • Sector researches and etudes

Reports prepared for Government Institutions:
  • Preparing report for guarantees of Social Security Institution
  • Preparing report for Tax Office
  • Preparing report for Enforcement Offices

  • Having a purpose of guarantee within the scope of demands for residential loan
  • Having a purpose of closing real estate credit for banks
  • Examinations of title deed registrations
  • Appraisal requirement arising from finance need